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Unterstützung für die Kreislaufwirtschaft

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The Swiss startup World of Pi has found an innovative way to support manufacturing companies on their journey towards a circular economy. The company's mission started with the desire of some players in the furniture and design industry to improve the ecological balance of a carpet. This led to the creation of the Circularity Assistant <<Pi>>, an app connected to the product via QR code or chip to simplify, promote, and reward circular use.

<<Pi>> accompanies products all the way to recycling, helping manufacturers keep track of their products and extend their value chains. This innovation enables brands to reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously opening up new business opportunities and gaining competitive advantages. <<Pi>> helps manufacturers stay in touch with their products, prolong their lifespan and offer new services.

An outstanding function of <<Pi>> is to give each product a voice and promote more sustainable and responsible use. By telling the story of each product, the value of individual items is also increased, thus promoting their resale in the secondary market. Additionally, <<Pi>> simplifies cooperation for maintenance services throughout the entire lifecycle including recycling and develops commission models for the secondary market.

Furthermore, <<Pi>> is capable of implementing the EU's digital product passport, which will become mandatory for all manufacturers from 2027 onwards, and ensures transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle. The platform bundles all information and services in a web app, thus enabling more efficient collaboration between producers and consumers. To further improve the handling of products, <<Pi>> also offers the creation of individual bonus programs, thus opening up even more opportunities for a more sustainable and responsible economy.